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Let Us Help You Start Your Business In Dubai

We offer all you need to setup new business in Dubai and start your company and have residence permit in Dubai by easy steps, directly and without complications with the lowest cost and without hidden fees.

Over 10 years experience working in business settlement in UAE and international businesses. We also care about your success after starting your business in UAE with all the services you need, with our professional partners here in each field we help you in preparing the accreditation for starting your business in Dubai and having a proper office or company for your business in our business centers in Dubai and also all the services of branding, website or applications you need for your grow in Dubai.

1- No foreign ownership
2- Zero income tax
3- Zero corporate tax
4- No export tax
5- No restriction on currency and repatriation of funds
6- No restriction on hiring foreign employees


1- Residence permit in Dubai
2- No limit on number of visas
3- More business activities available for licensing
4- No deposit is required
5- 100% Own of your business
6- 100% tax exemption
7- Trade in the GCC
8- Open bank accounts
9- Freehold Real Estate


1- Providing a gateway for international market expansion.
2- Access to a stable and business-friendly legal system.
3- Access to a more flexible regulatory regime;
4- Offering tax neutrality on international earnings in respect of (depending on jurisdiction) personal or company income, capital gains and inheritance taxes.
5- Offering better access to global funding.

Enjoy The Privileges During EXPO2020

It’s the right time to start business in Dubai before the opening of EXPO 2020. The first Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia with many reasons to be counted as one of the most important in exposition history. It will host more than 190 countries in Dubai and will be held on October 2020.

Our Services

High Quality Services

Business Setup in Dubai

1- Companies formation in Dubai
2- Trade license renewal
3- Pro services
4- Initial approval
5- Add or change partner
6- and many more

Government Services

1- Tasheel services
2- Pro services
3- Documents translation
4- New contract
5- Company licence renewal

More Services

1- Labour office services
2- DNRD services
3- Issuing all visas type (visit – residence)
4- Branding and marketing

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